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Date: 15.11.18 03:49
Received Payment  71.25 USD to account U3833293.
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   Avirel Funds

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  our rating:
  lifetime: 1523 days  
  monitoring: 1523 days  
  payout ratio: 28%  
  our investment: $51.20  
  funds return: $14.22
  user votes: 4  
  last paid: 2014-09-19  
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plans: 0.2% HOURLY FOR 48 HOURS, 6.66% DAILY For 3 DAYS principal Return, 7.66% DAILY FOR 5 DAYS principal Return, 8.66% DAILY FOR 7 DAYS, Principal Return
min/max deposit: $ 10/50000  
withdrawal: Manual  
referral: 6%  
support: mail | support form |  

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Founded in 1990 out of an Avirel Funds, Avirel Funds has a team of 50 professionals representing thirteen nationalities combining local insight with a global perspective. The Group carries out central functions such as investment decisions, strategy, business development, monitoring and accounting from offices and companies based in Luxembourg, Switzerland, the UK, China and USA. Further advisory support is provided from offices situated in London and Barcelona.

Avirel Funds provides global industrial solutions and capital to mid-market companies predominantly in Southern Europe. Our investments companies mission is to improve and grow the investments through an active long-term ownership.

Providing industrial expertise, operational focus and global platforms to accelerate value creation and international expansion.

Avirel Funds is a group of independently managed investment holding and financial advisory companies. With € 3.1 billion of combined assets under management, Avirel Funds is one of Europes leading investment groups focused on taking control positions predominantly in Southern European medium size companies that are leaders in their fields. Our aim is to create long-term value by helping portfolio companies to accelerate international expansion and improve operational efficiency.

The general partners of the funds manage the funds in the interest of the limited partners and therefore in an autonomous and independent manner from the other group companies. Investments and divestments are made (and shares in portfolio companies are held) by the applicable investment or holding company. Decisions over investments and divestments, including the exercise of the voting rights over the shares of the portfolio companies, are made by the applicable investment or holding company board of directors in an autonomous and independent manner from the other group companies, consistently with the applicable corporate governance rules and by-laws. It is the responsibility of the management of each portfolio company to operate the company on a day-to-day basis.

In total the companies in which Avirel Funds has invested, have approximately 46,500 employees and a manufacturing presence in 18 countries.

Latest Payouts

Avirel Funds $3.33 
Avirel Funds $4.23 
Avirel Funds $3.33 
Avirel Funds $3.33 
Latest Investments

2014-09-15 20:28:45Avirel Funds$1.20 
2014-09-14 19:38:11Avirel Funds$50.00 

Online Support


2018-10-20 22:55:20
Grant Epos on the Internet for 450 days!
Hello, dear investors and partners of Grant-Epos! We are pleased to inform you that our company has been successfully operating on the Internet for 450 days now! During this time, we have achieved significant success on the market of trust management and are confidently implementing our goals. The number of investors and partners is growing every day. Our investors are users from all over the world! To make interaction with the platform more convenient, the project website has been translated into 10 languages. We will continue to add other languages into which our website will be translated to become even more user-friendly for investors from all over the world. We have also provided an improved user panel and website usability. We are open to investors and partners in all directions and are ready to become even closer. Not so long ago, our team launched a series of useful training webinars. We will teach you not only how to make money easily and safely on your savings, but also how to increase your income. In addition, the company representatives conduct webinars in the CIS countries. We are getting closer to our clients. Representative offices of the company were opened in Moscow, Smolensk and Rostov-on-Don, which indicates the company's serious intentions. This is only a part of what we have managed to achieve with you during our fruitful cooperation. The company's successes suggest that we are moving in the right direction. In turn, the Grant Epos team thanks you for your support and trust. In honor of this significant date, we prepared a gift for all investors and launch the “+5%” special offer that has already become a favorite among investors. For three days, starting from 21.10.2018, 00:00 Moscow time to 23.10.2018, 23:59 Moscow time each investor can receive an additional 5% of his / her deposit to the project balance for withdrawal. Best regards, the Grand Epos team ==================================================================== Grant Epos в сети интернет уже 450 дней! Уважаемые инвесторы и партнеры компании Grant Epos LTD! Рады сообщить Вам, что наша компания ведет успешную деятельность в сети Интернет уже 450 дней! За это время мы достигли серьезных успехов на рынке доверительного управления и хорошими темпами движемся к достижению поставленных целей. Число инвесторов и партнеров растет с каждым днем. Нашими инвесторами становятся пользователи со всего мира! Для удобства использования платформы, сайт проекта переведен на 10 языков, и мы продолжим становится еще ближе и понятней для инвесторов со всего мира добавляя еще больше языков на которые будет переведен наш сайт, так же улучшена верхняя пользовательская панель и юзабилити самого сайта. Мы открыты для инвесторов и партнеров во всех направлениях и готовы становиться еще ближе. Не так давно наша команда запустила серию полезных обучающих вебинаров, Мы не только позволяем легко и безопасно зарабатывать на своих сбережениях, но и учим, как увеличивать свой доход. Кроме того, представители компании проводят выездные семинары в странах СНГ. Мы становимся ближе к своим клиентам. Были открыты представительские офисы компании в Москве, в Смоленске, в Ростове-на-Дону, что говорит о серьезных намерениях компании. Это лишь часть всего того, что мы смогли достичь вместе с вами за время нашего плодотворного сотрудничества. Успехи компании говорят о том, что мы вместе движемся в правильном направлении. В свою очередь команда Grant Epos благодарит Вас за поддержку и доверие. В честь очередной круглой даты мы подготовили для всех инвесторов подарок и запускаем уже ставшую любимой среди инвесторов акцию «+5%» - в течение трех дней начиная с 00-00 21.10.2018г и до 23-59 23.10.2018 каждый инвестор может получить дополнительные 5% от своему депозита на баланс для вывода. С уважением, команда Grant Epos
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2018-10-15 23:56:34
Family Savings Bank
Some of our clients ask: Is it possible to replenish the deposit and thus automatically switch to the next plan? Our answer: Yes! It`s really possible. Our investment plans are based on the progressive principle: the larger the total amount of all deposits, the higher the percentage. For example, if someone makes two deposits of $200 (totaling $400), he/she will receive 1.2% per day instead of 0.8%. Thus, customers have the opportunity at any time to move to the next rung of the ladder. Now the total amount of your deposits is $10 and you get 0.8% per day ($0.08). To go to the next level you need to make a new deposit of $240, then you will get 1.2% ($3). Yours Family Savings Bank
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2018-09-27 09:16:38
Eightouch Important Update
Hello our valued members! Due the CoinPayments gateway's cosmic fees, we are stop to make any withdrawals with this system. All payments with Bitcoin (and any other cryptocurrency) will process manually from BlockChain without any fees. Minimum withdrawal amounts with crypto decreased to $0.10. Hope you like this. Once again. All withdrawals with cryptocurrency is NOT instant, but fast. PerfectMoney and Payeer payouts processed instantly as usual. Have a nice day, have a good time with your lovely programs.
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2018-09-26 17:36:41
From Eightouch Admin
Hello our members! Payeer on technical work now. We'll process all Payeer requests when they back to the normal. Please don't worry, we're waiting with you... Admin
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2018-08-27 00:24:38
Family Savings Bank - new terms of investment
Dear Member, We decided to significantly improve the terms of investment in our program. Starting from August 27, 2018, the term of new deposits will be 30 calendar days. Thus, the profit of the investor will increase substantially. Deposits made before these changes will work under the old conditions: term 150 days, the initial deposit is notrefundable. Thank you for your trust.
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2018-06-09 12:36:44
News Crypto Trader LTD
Dear Sir / Madam We remind you that the bitcoin rate is fixed and is equal to $ 10,000. You do not receive any losses due to the growth or decrease in the rate of bitcoin. Best Wishes, Crypto Trader LTD
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